Oslo Students' Craft Brewing Guild

Welcome to the Oslo Students´ Craft Brewing Guild! We´re a student society at the University of Oslo focusing on the art and craft of brewing our own beer. We have a small office with brewing equipment at Chateau Neuf, 4th floor, and here you can learn how to brew your own beer.

Through our Facebook page and newsletter, we regularly announce beginners courses in home brewing, giving a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of brewing beer. These can be taught in English upon request.

Every other Monday at 7 pm on odd numbered weeks we also meet for our Monday hangout where we drink some beers and have a good time while getting some work done in the brewery, like bottling/kegging our beers or other tasks. Here, we invite all, both members and non-members to get involved, helping out in brewery and the tasks being done, having a tour on the premises or simply to join us for a chat.

Membership is open to anyone, and is 200 kroners a year or 100 kroners if you join from august. As a member, you receive special brewery privileges and can partake in members brewing, which is announced to our members through our exclusive Facebook members page. Also you may borrow our Speidel Brewmaster, a complete brewing kettle that lets you make your own beer from scratch. Lastly, every member is treated with a special lowered ingredient compensation fee when tasting our beers in house. The annual fee may be transferred to our bank account (9365 17 86590) and our sign-up form is available (in Norwegian) here.

Please contact us a post@kristianiabrygg.no if you have any questions, or join our newsletter here for info on upcoming courses or events! (may be in norweian)

Also remember to like us on Facebook.

> Kristianiastudentenes Haandbryggerlaug
> Det Norske Studentersamfund, Chateau Neuf (4. etg)
> Slemdalsveien 15, 0369 Oslo

post@kristianiabrygg.no <
Org. nr. 995 86 3588 <
Konto nr. 9365 17 86590 <